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Thread: HUGE 13 Box Break Results.

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    HUGE 13 Box Break Results.

    All are ft, scans will be up as soon as possible.

    07 08 chronology:
    john paxton base
    swen mater base
    john paxton auto
    rookie redemption #10 Brook lopez
    alando tucker canvas rc auto /99
    chris mullin stitches in time patch auto /15 Redemption
    bob mcadoo chronology generation gold auto/10 Redemption

    08 09 murad:
    oj mayo box topper
    robin lopez auto/25
    brandon roy framed jersey
    silk card/25 of a net(not sure who it is, kinda looks like an older guy)

    08 09 spgu:
    dee brown auto
    sefoloshia auto(damaged, top is peeling a little)
    jameson curry rookie exclusive auto /100
    kevin durant rookie /999
    smush parker all star patch /50(nice 3 color patch)
    kyle korver/ michael redd dual patch /50(korver 3 color, 5 breaks, redd is 2 color)
    larry bird jersey
    robert parish jersey
    carmelo anthony jersey
    kevin garnett jersey
    baron davis/andre miller dual jersey /99
    elton brand jersey
    julius erving jersey

    07 08 spx:
    dwight howard auto
    aaron gray rc jersey auto /825
    jermareo davidson rc jersey auto/825
    spencer hawes/jason smith dual jersey
    tj ford dual jersey
    carmelo anthony dual jersey
    kevin garnett/randy foye dual jersey
    horford/brewer/noah triple rc jersey
    aaron brooks/afflalo dual jersey
    brandon wright jersey
    carlos boozer dual jersey

    08 09 Bowman: 2 plates were in the same pack
    brandon roy jersey
    michael redd jersey /50
    jason thompson rc auto
    chauncy billups 1/1 printing plate
    joe johnson 1/1 printing plate
    courtney lee rc/50

    06 07 SPX:
    bargnani spectrum rc jersey auto /25
    steve novak rc jersey auto/1199
    dirk/jason terry dual jersey
    jason kidd dual jersey

    06 07 sweet shot:
    daniel gibson rookie auto
    denham brown rookie auto
    tim duncan jersey
    chris paul/tyson chandler dual jersey/199

    07 08 fleer ultra:
    morris peterson auto
    dennis rodman jersey
    marvin williams jersey
    grant hill jersey
    amare stoudemire jersey
    allen iverson platinum medallion /25

    08 09 fleer:
    alexis ajinca auto
    kevin garnett jersey
    chris bosh dual jersey
    jerryd bayless dual jersey

    07 08 rookie edition:
    acie law auto
    jermareo davidson auto

    07 08 stadium club:
    aaron afflalo rc auto
    acie law rc auto
    baron davis auto
    mike james auto
    duncan jersey
    sean williams jersey/499
    dwade jersey /499
    nick young dual jersey/199
    shaq jersey
    amare stoudemire triple jersey /99
    bargnani jersey
    kobe bryant jersey

    08 09 tipoff: 37 #d cards, moving right along lol

    07 08 luxury box:
    paul pierce jersey auto #d 39/39
    rodney stuckey rc jersey auto /199
    buck williams jersey
    demetris nichols jersey /499
    kobe/shaq dual jersey /75
    igudola/mcgrady/johnson triple jersey /149
    rodney stuckey rc jersey
    greg oden jersey /149
    nick fazekas jersey /499
    iverson/melo/camby/deron/boozer/okur 6 piece relic /75

    also have Tons of #d and rookie cards i have to sort through.

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    NICE breaks! Sick Dwight auto! Can you see the number on the jersey of the Nets silk card?

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    Nice Breaks!!
    Click banner for tradelist
    Hidden Content
    Dan LeFevour PC 192/283

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    wow thats alot
    Only Collecting Nebraska Players Autos/GU

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    sick break!! I bet it was fun opening all those boxes! Do you have any Derrick Rose Base cards/RCs for sale?

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    ok guys here are most of the scans, also have a couple hundred rookie/#d cards to sort through lol

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    nice breaks
    i really need that jameson curry spgu auto if it's for trade......please pm me if it is........thanks

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    i like the bargnani auto relics, please cmb if its for trade, thanks.

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    I like the stuckey auto, roy jrsy (murad) , and the howard auto. also like the chandler paul dual GU

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