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Thread: Storing your sets?

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    Storing your sets?

    Im starting to get close to completing a few sets. Right now i have them in shoe boxes, but i wanna do more with them. I was thinking of putting them in 3 ring notebooks that hold the 9 card pages. Does anyone have this setup where they have been in the notebooks for a couple years. If so, how does it work?

    I know some cards like Topps Chrom have a tendency to warp. Most of the ones i have came in the pack like that. Do you guys see this as a problem or what?

    Please answer all my questions if you can and tell me how you store your cards. I dont really like the shoeboxes, you cant look at them very easily and they are open to humidity. Besides the notebooks, the only thing i can think of is putting the whole set in toploaders. I want them to hold up, not stick together, and be able to look at them with ease. I'd like to pass them down to my kids someday, and have them be in great condition.

    Other than any ideas you guys have im mostly worried about whether or not its good to keep cards in notebooks.

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    It all depends. To be able to store them in the 3 ring binders starts off to be very expensive but I got like 3 sets to one binder which works great. If you are willing to lay down the money for it I suggest just keeping them in there. Yes, after a few years they MIGHT stick to the page but are very easy to get out if you gently wiggel them around.

    If you are doing a set like topps chrome I dont think there is any way to avoid the warping that goes on with it. Store em and hope for the best with that.

    Shoeboxes are ok ways but also run easy risk of damage. That is my biggest problem with them all n all

    hope that helps

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    I use the Binder way. It has worked good so far for me. Pages at my local shop are 5 for a buck. But When I buy in bulk you can get them at MJ Roop for 40 pages for $4 or 60 pages for $9..other places have them too just shop around for the best price. Putting them all in Toploeaders would be very expensive, but maybe if you did that and then bought a couple display frames and hung on your walls? I don't know just an idea..G/L

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    Hey another idea with the binders and sheets is to put your cards in sleeves first then into the sheets. I have done that with a couple of player collections I have and I haven't had any problems yet. And at the same time those binders are in a closet to keep the humidity or any other conditions from ruining them like the kids until they get them later.
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    I've had some sets in binders since the early 80's and although the pages will stick together I've not had a problem with any of the cards sticking to the pages.

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    Ok, how about storing your valuable cards in the binders. I was thinking of buying those 4 slot pages and maybe taping the toploaders in there somehow. Anyone do anything like that?

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    They make pages now that will hold top loaders in them.

    "Toploader Binder w/pages Item #TLBNDR
    Binders and pages that will hold cards in a toploader. These pages hold six toploaders.The 3" (black temporarily out of stock) or blue binders come with 30 pages. Our Price is $18.00 for 1 binder and 30 pages."
    Here's the link to it...

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    I store all my commons in one of those 5,000-card boxes that you can buy from a hobby shop

    I store my semi-stars in 9-sheet protectors

    I store expensive cards (>$20) in penny sleeves and toploaders

    I also have a few binders where I place my Lakers, Dodgers, Angels common cards back-to-back in each pocket, and through the years (from 1980s to now), they seem ok. Corners still sharp.

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    Originally posted by pr0phet
    ...but I got like 3 sets to one binder which works great.
    3 sets to 1 binder?? I think that would be pretty difficult to do with 500-card & 700-card sets--but that's what I would like to do if it's possible. One 500-card set would need at least 56 plastic pages--more if one includes errors, variations, etc. How big are the sets/binder that you mention?

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