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Thread: 2004 SP GAME USED!!

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    2004 SP GAME USED!!

    comes out today, is anyone going to pick any up? I am debating a box of it VS a box/Pack of Flair Football, LMK if anyone does bust any today, just curious about the Auto/GU ratio in a six pack box.

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    Im sure it will have at least 1 auto and some will have 2 from that kinda price. IF its all gu in a lot of boxes people will get mad


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    I know they gaurantee one card will be #ed to 100 or less, but it could be auto or GU.

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    I think this product was pushed back until next Tuesday.

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    yep saw that. Bummer, oh well, next friday is payday, so I will have to get a box. those Patches look awsome and the Rookie auto's are #ed to 100. The Lebron SP GU Auto books at $2000!!!

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    i have 2 boxes on hold for me wed morning i pick them up i cant wait lol.
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    I hope they hook us up with 2-3 autos per box, If I only get one auto for $170 I will be bummed, unless of course its that Eli.

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    Live today!!! cant make it in to get my box until friday though!! Will update what I get on friday.
    Cmon Friday!!!

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    That's not the kind of product that i carck.There's one memorabilia numbered on 100 or less.But there's 2-3 hot boxes in each case.In one of those boxes,there's one with with a rookie in each pack and in the other box,there's a memorabilia numbered on 100 or less in each pack.Just an advice,don't buy loose boxes from EBAY to had a good chance of pulling one of these hot boxes.

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