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Thread: Lets Trade!

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    Lets Trade!

    Hi, im looking to get a few basketball trades down, cmb and lmk what you like i am looking for nets stuff as well as nice football tradebait lmk thanks!

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    I'm interested in:

    Luther Head Auto /100
    and if the Jamison autos (there is 2) are #d, I'm interested in them as well.

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    Any chance of me being able to get the CDR Hardwood /25 this evening??

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    I have a Vince Carter 08-09 Topps Chrome X-Fractor /299. BV is $6. I would trade it for a nice base card of MJ or Kobe. Just PM me if interested.

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    under-sorry i didnt see anything i can use...
    iso-pm sent
    ball-sorry not interested
    aka-didnt see anything...

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    Quote Originally Posted by BizzyDesigner View Post
    Let me know if you see anything for this:

    pm sent

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