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    Rarity found to help complete my set!!

    I started a little project last year to complete the Elite Aspirations Colts team set. I found the Marvin Harrison a while back and that card actually sparked my goal of completing the set

    Manning /82 Harrison /12 Addai /71 Tamme /82

    I hadnt been able to find the Reggie Wayne after I acquired all the others until tonight/ I logged into eBay and just went to browse through everything listed under the Football category for some deals. There were only 14 seconds left when I saw this one and I was quick enough to throw in a big bid to ensure I got it!!

    Now I just need to get the Mike Hart /80
    Just wanted to share my success. This taught me to not give up on important life goals!!

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    glad you found it man, good luck with the Hart. Very sweet!!!!!

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    time to start working on the status set! congrats

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    Quote Originally Posted by smsportscards View Post
    Very Cool! Glad I could help complete your set!!!
    Im glad someone finally pulled it. It is the first one I have seen anywhere.


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