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Thread: 49ers HOFers! Work in Progress

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    49ers HOFers! Work in Progress

    Just wanted to share my 49ers HOFers PC so far. Still a work in progress as some of them dont have to many autos. Rice and Montana will be the last 2 I get because there a lot easier to get compared to the others.

    And even though hes in the HOF as a Bear, still the Niners Coach

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    Quote Originally Posted by TheRoseBull View Post
    very nice!
    Thanks for the compliments

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    If you kick that Young out... The collection would be nice.

    Love that Walsh auto. :)

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    Thanks guys, but whats wrong with the Young? He is a 49ers HOFer

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    Not a 49'ers fan but awesome stuff! Have to love HOF'er autos, especially the Perry.

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    thanks guys! Those 97 legends are awsome in person

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