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    These are all in gem mint condition just pulled em all bout 2 hours ago

    im willing to trade/sell these Looking for brett favre, ahman green, javon walker, deuce mcallister, ladainain tomlinson, and priest holmes inserts/#'d/gu/autos

    heres the list!

    Keary Colbert RC
    Teddy Leahman RC
    Josh Harris RC
    Jake Delhomme Chrome
    Anthony Thomas Chrome
    Donovan McNabb
    Torry Holt
    Lamar Gordon
    Koren Robinson
    Byron Leftwich
    Carson Palmer
    LaMont Gordon
    Chris Simms
    David Boston
    Curtis Martin
    Jon Kitna
    Rudi Johnson
    Josh Reed
    Donte' Stollworth
    Andre' Davis
    Tony Gonzalez
    Marvin Harrison
    Dante Hall
    Marques Tuisosopo
    Quincy Carter

    plmk what you are interested in!

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    Hi, I could use the david boston.. let me know if you would sell it for cheap or for cc.. I have some of them players you collect but not quite shure what as its all in boxes and stuff..

    Ohh hand i know i have a 02 fleer javon walker rc, a ahman green executive producer from donruss #ed and a holmes topps total 03 insert. let me know if youd take one them for the boston.. not sure what the boston books but i know these are all 3 or more except the walker rc i think is lower..

    PM me back as i dont check my replies often as i reply to soo many different people..

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