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    Lots of cards to trade Bucket freshly updated! Jerseys, autos..

    I have many cards to trade. Please take a look at my bucket to see the pictures of them. Let me know what you need!

    I collect in priority going down from the top:
    Jeff Carter (my main collection now, looking for jerseys, patches, autos, rare numbered, oddball items ), Bernie Parent, Mike Richards, Old Philadelphia Flyers cards, Eric Lindros cards, oddball Flyers items

    Heres my Bucket Link:

    thanks for looking.

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    worst bucket ive ever seen

    ill give u $5 for the lot

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    Luc Robitaille auto, Mario Lemieux auto mint Brett Hull rookie card are terrible? lol Thats just to name 3 cards. Just because your a d*ck won't ruin the fun for me and everyone else.

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