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    75-76, 78-79, 81-82 Topps Basketball

    These cards are all for trade (or sale - make an offer). They're in pretty decent shape, not much bumping to speak of, while a few are slightly off-center. Looking for hockey in return (since I don't collect Basetball). Preferably vintage, preferably Chicago Blackhawks.

    1975-76 Topps -- 41-Fred Brown; 67-Rick Adelman; 133-Washington Bullets (Elvin Hayes, Clem Haskins, Wes Unseld & Kevin Porter); 160-Dave Bing; 172-Clem Haskins; 180-Calvin Murphy; 195-Connie Hawkins.

    1978-79 Topps -- 13-Calvin Murphy; 24-Lou Hodson; 27-James Edwards; 28-Howard Porter; 37-Mike Gale; 44-John Drew; 47-Earl Tatum; 51-Louie Damper; 71-Larry Kenyon; 76-Brian Winters; 84-Dwight Jones; 89-Chuck Williams; 97-Ron Lee; 98-Bob Gross; 102-Norm Van Lier; 104-Eric Money; 112-Randy Smith; 115-Scott May; 119-Darnell Hillman; 127-Foots Walker.

    1981-82 Topps -- 3-Nate Archibald; 7-Artis Gilmore; 14-Moses Malone; 25-Bob Lanier; 26-Bill Cartwright; 29-Darryl Dawkiins; 32-Bobby Jones; 33-Walter Davis; 42-Elvin Hayes; 80-Kent Benson; 90-James Edwards; 94-Ernie Grunfeld; 96-Sam Lacey; 99-Sidney Moncrief; 107-Artis Gilmore (3); 106-George Gervin; 109-Bob Lanier.

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    I have some 77-78 through 81-82 nhl, and some 84-85 nhl (all topps) for trade...would there be a particular year you would be interested in?

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    Basically looking for Blackhawks, unless there's some decent tradebait in those groups.

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    Quote Originally Posted by comatoad View Post
    Do you have a scan of the Orr?

    I may - let me check

    PM me your e-mail just in case I do.

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    You can also upload it in "Go Advanced."

    Click on "manage attachments" and you can place the scan there.

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