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    Help "Look"

    Hello, I have a Baseball that says "Caring Team of Athletes" Sponsored by Crest (Tooth paste)

    It has 26 different baseball Autos on it (Could be Fascimile Autos)

    Fred McGriff
    Paul Oneil
    Ozzie Smith
    Joeseph Carter
    Wally Joyner
    Marques Grissom
    Joe Torre
    Terry Pendelton
    Jay Bell
    Howard Johnson
    Paul Molitor
    Craig Biggio
    Jody Reed
    Michael Huff
    Mark Mcgwire
    More auto's i cant make out!

    Can anyone give me any info on this ball? The Autos look real nice and some even have some smudging where the ball has rubbed something!

    I have attached some pics of this so check them out and lmk what you think.

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    Re: Help "Look"

    2nd Pic
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    Thanks Iggy, I didn't think all these good graphs were real but i was crossing my fingers (lol)

    I wonder how these balls were distributed? These are pretty nice and i don't see a dentist just giving them away!

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    There was also one that went off with no bids and starting bid was $2.99 I did a search on Yahoo and really couldn't come up with anything other than it's an organization and the guys on the ball and MLB spokespersons for that organization.

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