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Thread: 2004 Fan Favorites 2 boxes

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    2004 Fan Favorites 2 boxes

    Such a great set to complete, vared years of cards makes the set interesting & the 2 auto & 1 game used per box is pretty good deal.


    Don Larsen
    Jack Morris
    Rick Sutcliffe
    Pete Incaviglia


    Carlton Fisk - Bat
    Dennis Eckersley - Jersey


    Reggie Smith 246/299
    Gary Gaetti - 71/299
    Orel Hershiser - 161/299

    Base Set: Alot :)

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    If you've got a spare Mike Schmidt, I could certainly use it.
    Interests: Mike Schmidt, Johnny Bench, Ian Kinsler & Kris Bryant.
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    Interested in Rangers commons and the Incaviglia auto if he is a Ranger. LMK what you want if your have anything and are interested in trading.
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    Does the Eckersley happen to be in an Indians uniform?? PLMK!


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    I hav a Bernie Williams jersey incoming from 2002 UD Diamond Collection. Ill do it straightup for one of the gu u got if in Sox unis.

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    Rick Polos: Yes & Yes

    zefeld: I have already

    moose2438: Just baseset, which im trying to complete, so if i have doubles after i sort out ,ill let u know.

    Molina00: Ill check on any doubles of base set & the incaviglia is in texas uni

    Vladfan27: No its A's

    HoosierBuddy: Just teh baseset, if u need i think i have double his card, LMK

    For everyone, im interested in Berni GU/AU or anyone in Yankees uni gu/au

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    Wow, I just saw the Sutcliffe is $40. I wasn't expecting that. I don't think I have anything to trade for it. You can check my site & lmk.


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