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    Looking for these Topps Chrome RC's!

    Hey all,

    I am trying to get copies of all the big Rookie Cards from topps chrome. I HAVE that following, Howard, Mayo, Paul, D Williams, Duncan, Rondo,

    I NEED; James, Melo, DWade, Roy, and a bunch of others. If you see something that you need lmk!

    Help me out!


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    brian--pm sent.

    Italy--Sure do, lmk what you would need and what kinda condition its in?


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    I have a few decent topps chrome rookies I could trade you. I have an Andrew Bynum refractor as well as two regular Bynum.

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    dt7d--ok, I'm not really looking for Bynum cause I don't think that he will be that good but If you can find something for one lmk


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    interested in your Beasley murad rookie, check my bucket for it

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