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    Extrememly nice Emmitth smith jersey auto card #/20

    Keep in touch with my auctions.. I got the aikman emmith dual jersey dual auto going on shortly also

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    thats a nice bad i dont got the money to buy it!

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    Only Emmitt signed it. Does anyone know the BV on it? You got a nice chunk of change for it any how.

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    THANKS fer the comments :)

    There is no book value on it due to scarcity of the card.

    Only the aikman emmitt dual jersey dual auto is signed by both.
    Aikman also signed 222 as a redemption which is listed under the dual jersey.

    Emmitt signed 20 of each with 20 by aikman. ((i Have one of the twenty listed now))

    Emmitt also signed 20 on all the other cards.. which is no redemption

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