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    Rivers/Roethlisberger dual PATCH #/75

    This is incoming, but I would like to make a deal for it before I get it. Open for offers on this one, and don't ask how much I'm looking for in trade because I really don't know...just taking what seems like a good offer on it.


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    thats a sweet card. Do you know where the Jeresys were worn? Obviously not in a game, just curious.

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    No clue, but I'm thinking they're from a photo-shoot, hopefully from the pics on the card.


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    check my site n plmk thanks i would really love to get this card!plmk through pms leaving for vacation tomorrow ill be back next saturday

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    Now you know I like that bad boy! Just can't say that I have anything to trade for it. LMK here or @SCS.
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