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Thread: Wanna Trade?

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    Angry Wanna Trade?

    I really want to make trades. Take a look at my whole page and let me know what you need. Thanks!

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    Please check my site, I need your Johnson GU. I don't have any Garicaparra or Willis, but just check anyway. Thanks!

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    i want:
    Dave Winfield 2001 Upper Deck Legends of NY "Legendary Yankees Jerseys" #LYJ-DW (Game Used Jersey) #d 55/250

    **Tony Gwynn 2002 Topps Reserve "Relics" #TRJ-TG (Game Used Jersey)**

    Ty Cobb 2001 Donruss Classics "Stadium Stars" #SS-5 (Piece of Forbes Field Seat) HTG

    Willie McCovey 2001 SP Legendary Cuts "Legendary Game Uniforms" #J-WM (Game Used Jersey) HTG*

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    Webb-nothing i could use, sorry

    DAT-I like the books $30..i could trade you the winfield and mccovey for it...or I could trade you the Ty Cobb for a box of 2003 Fleer EX. LMK

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    ill actually do the cobb and mccovey or winfield for a box

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    could you do a trade/sale? I really need a box of that and there are none of those around and I dont wanna buy full price

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    I like this:

    Randy Johnson 2003 Fleer Splendid Splinters "Knothole Gang" #RJ-KG (Game Used Jersey)

    You can check out my site at

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    I'm interested in these:

    Miguel Cabrera 2002 UD Minor League "Signature Collection" #MC AU

    David Ortiz 2000 Fleer "Autographics" AU

    Rocco Baldelli 2003 Fleer EX "Diamond Essentials" #d 67/299 AU

    check my site please.

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    chipper-nothing i could use, sorry

    cb-nothing really..only thing that sparked a little interest was the chipper autograph

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