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Thread: Nice auto for trade!

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    Nice auto for trade!

    I recieved a great package of free cards from IlikeDoughnutts. He sent me about $60 worth of D-backs for free, which included 3 autos. Anyway, I already had this auto, so it is up for trade. Thanks again for the free cards! I checked your page for wants, but I didn't have anything you need, so I am keeping a look out for things you need.

    2003 Donruss Studio Private Signings Autograph RC Brandon Webb/100.

    I would really like to trade for a D-back auto, but will also consider a Mark Teixeira Auto. If you don't have any of those, leave me a trade list of autos or let me know if you want me to check your page.

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    I have this D-back rc auto...

    Craig Ansman / DiamondBacks
    2004 Topps Chrome Rc Autograph card# 224

    LMK if you could use this and something else for the webb, I will give $50 in bv for it, thanks
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    Thanks, bt I already have that D-back. The only thing I can use are the Marte and Mauer autos, but I am sure they outbook the Webb by a lot.

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    Hey Nick, The marte and mauers would be hard to give up right now...but that is a nice webb auto. Thanks again for our last trade

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    No problem, I knew those two were hard to get. ANd thanks to you too for our last trade.

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    ACBaseball- Interested in all these:
    03 Leaf Limited Silver Spotlight Brandon Webb Auto Bat/50
    03 Bowman's Best Matt Kata Auto RC

    Unfourtunately, the Webb is over the Studio Webb's value, and Kata is way under.

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