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Thread: Most valuable Autos Round 1

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    Most valuable Autos Round 1

    Hey simple ques.
    What are the 10 most valuable autos in this first set? (Blue for the sake of keeping it simple) (i have not seen an "official" value book, so i guess its a matter of "opinion")

  2. SCC - Feb 2018
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    The new Beckett has BV.
    Gracie, Rampage, BJ,Silva-100
    The others range from 15-40

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    Yeah, i've been looking everywhere for a price guide for these cards. I think GSP, Gracie, Couture, Anderson Silva, Bisping, Rampage and BJ Penn would be some of the more valuable ones, but like you said it's pretty much everyones own opinion until they do release a price guide.

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    Ok, my bad... didn't see post before mine. But see, most of the ones i listed are pretty valuable.

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