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Thread: Finally a little mojo....

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    Finally a little mojo....

    Well, after having some terrible luck, i went to my local hobby shop, and saw they had some 09 topps finest available. I've been itching to break some of this, but i'm really tight on cash at the time. I saw they had an open box, each pack was $11.99, so i said, what the hey, might as well try my luck...maybe i'll get a nice refractor or rookie redemption.....opened it up...and BINGO

    Refractor #19/75

    out of all the tops finest i've seen broken, i've yet to see a Sanchez auto...anyone know anything on this kid?

    My base cards were
    Jon Lester
    Ryan Ludwick
    Stephen Drew
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    Nice Pull!
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    Dan LeFevour PC 192/283

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    thanks guys....

    its avail for trade BTW....really lookin to get a letterman/Auto Patch of Bobby Parnell or any other met

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    Sanchez is pretty good. Dude is a tank and one of the better young power hitters that is breakin' into the majors this year. Nice break!

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