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    Anyone looking for cheap base Topps UFC Round 1

    Last Saturday, I put up the entire 2009 Topps UFC Round 1 base set, individually, on the bay, with free shipping. I started all the auctions at .99 cents.

    I figured some of you may need some of that base to fill your sets. All the cards are in great shape. They were pulled from packs and placed directly into sleeves and top loaders. At the bottom is the link.

    The auctions close Saturday evening, at around 10:30 p.m. EST.

    I opened two boxes and built two complete sets. The other extras I had were a Mac Danzig and a Randy Couture.

    Thanks tem=260403820027

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    Are your Rachelle Leah cards in near-mint shape?

    I bought 3 boxes and ALL 3 of mine had dents on the corners. It's only happened to this particular card and one of my Herb Deans

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