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Thread: WTTF Prospect Base/Inserts

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    Thumbs up WTTF Prospect Base/Inserts

    No Longer Looking for cards with the trades I have pending right now I should be good with prospect cards. Thanks to everyone that responded
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    That's better.
    I can use the Fred Lynn jsy and Pedro Martinez bat
    Can you use a complete set of 08 Bowman Draft RC's 55 total $30 bv
    has most of the hot rookies...Longoria,Bruce, Samardjia,Kershaw, Adenhart.........

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    Im more so looking for prospects than RC even though Samardjia is back in town. LMk if you have anything else

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    I have a stack of 25 cards from 08 Tristar Prospects Plus
    Includes Perry,Skipworth,Beckham,Satterwhite,Shafer
    10 from 08 Tristar projections Montero,Feliz,Parra.....maybe more if I dig
    36 fro 07 Prospects plus...Including,Price,LaPorta,Porcello,Dominguez, A.Jackson
    Lot's of value in that lot.

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    What can you do for those two cards as far as prospects go?

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    That lot prob books for about 50-60.
    If you can maybe toss in another low end jsy, that would be fine w/ me.

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    Actually , tell you what, I'll just send you the whole lot for the two I need.
    I'd rather just move them all. lmk.

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    Sounds good to me I need to get ready to go to a graduation so I will be back on later tonight

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