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    My TOP 5 pulls from 2008 products

    Well it looks like the 2009 products are starting to come out, so Im probably going to start busting a lot of 09 stuff, which means Im basically done with 08. Because of this, Ive decided to put together a list of my top 5 pulls from this year.

    Number 5:

    Matt Forte Absolute jersey/ball/jersey /299

    Number 4:

    Matt Ryan Rookie Roll Call auto /25

    Number 3:

    Matt Ryan Slideshow auto /50

    Number 2:

    Maurice Jones-Drew 1/1 NFL logo shield

    Number 1:

    Joe Flacco 1/1 NFL logo shield auto

    Thanks for looking guys! Comments are welcomed.

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    Absolutely sick pulls man!!! Two 1/1's in the same year. I've never pulled a 1/1, ha.

    Congrats on the pulls!!


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    Man those are some sick pulls, 2 1/1s and two Matty Ice Autos sounds likea good year

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    you can stimulate the economy with the 2 1/1's alone!!! LOL!! Great year!!!

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    Those are some very nice cards!

    Thanks for sharing!


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    Looks like you did very well. Some great rc's.

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    Have you tried the lottery lately?

    Sweet Cards!

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    gotta put the game worn shield as #1 IMO. Thats real football history! All great cards though. Well done.
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