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    Jordan Staal Press Plate BLACK 2006-07 Artifacts Rookie Redeemed

    At the Toronto Expo I picked up 2 press plates, the Malkin 06-07 The Cup Beehive rookie and the Jordan Staal 06-07 press plate from the Cup, Artifacts Rookie Redeemed. I have been able to check the value of the Malkin, but I can't find the Staal anywhere. If anyone can help me out it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks so much in advance!!!

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    First off, welcome to SCF!

    Given that they're 1/1s there's not a place under the sun that can credibly put forward a value. Simply put, what you paid for them is what they're worth.
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    There is no prices for 1/1's. After all you have the only one! Is it for trade? Let me know? Do you have a pic?

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    Sure. I can scan it tonight for you. Should I email it to an address or is there another way to show? Thanks for the help!!!

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    Can you post it here? It depends what you want for it though too...

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    Quote Originally Posted by cdnhulk View Post
    How do you post it here?
    1. You have to take a scan or picture of the card.

    2. Put it on a photo hosting site. ( is the usual)

    3.When it's on photobucket, hover over the pic. A list will come up. Click the last one (IMG) Paste it in this or any other thread.

    It's not that complicated. I am pretty limited when it comes to computer skills but even I found it fairly easy.

    Let me know how you do or if you need any help.

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    Right on!

    How much for the Staal Plate. Be nice I helped you

    I'd rather trade though. Who or what do you collect?

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