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    Pieces of Yankee Stadium for Sale

    After two homestands at the new Yankee Stadium dominated by home runs and empty seats near the field, the team is turning its attention to the old ballpark.

    The Yankees and Steiner Collectibles scheduled a news conference for Tuesday to announce memorabilia sales and prices for the original Yankee Stadium, including seats, sod and dirt plus bricks from Monument Park.

    The Mets sold seats from Shea Stadium at $869 per pair, and the Yankees were expected to charge substantially more.


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    The folks at Steiner Sports just reported some pretty amazing numbers to us. Since the New York Yankees and Steiner announced their sale yesterday, they've sold 1,500 pairs (3,000 seats) of old Yankee Stadium seats.
    That's pretty good for the first 24 hours and it might confirm our suspicion that, despite doubling the price of their Shea counterpart, they actually might have underpriced these seats.
    Seats cost $1,499 for a random pair and $1,999 for a specific pair.
    Despite the fact that people made fun of the $80 freeze dried patches of grass, they sold 1,000 of them yesterday, to go along with eight turnstiles, 350 bricks from Monument Park and more than 200 signs.
    Looking for 49ers ONLY!

    Looking for Michael Robinson and Delanie Walker

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    Quote Originally Posted by iowa49erfan View Post
    Yeah they might have been able to charge more...obviously they should charge much more than the Mets who have no fans. *Waits for Met fans to start an argument*

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