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    Talking Very Nice Allen iverson Autograph. What do you think about this?

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    dumb person....... that is not even close to the iverson auto

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    oh... before i read this post... i found this auction yesterday and just asked the seller ..... "why didn't the signer Take a Look to the Real auto before signing on it.??"
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    We have to remember people. This set IS real. I have an authentic Brevin Knight auto from it. Also, the card says Authentic Autograph on it, further raising the chances it's real. And to complete the pile of evidence that it is probably real, it was signed years ago, so AI has probably changed his auto since then.

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    I don't deny that card is not real.

    But autograph is really suspicious.

    Even his rookie season his autograph was not like that.

    As I know his autograph was not changed much since his rookie season.

    And there is possiblity. After bankrupcy of Scoreboard, non-autographed card (Iverson and Kobe) was let to the world.

    I'm not sure below Iverson auto is real or not. But at least shape of autograph would be like that.

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