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    Any Mat Gamel or Alcides Escobar available?

    For Gamel I am looking for his 06 Chrome's, any version. Can also use his Finest Auto Patches.

    For Escobar just looking for his 06 Chromes, any version.

    Will buy, can possibly trade as well. Lmk what you have and what your looking for, thanks.
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  2. Kronozio
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    hey i have a gamel "A" auto from 2009 topps finest. looking for $15 paypal for it. lmk. thanks!

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    Got this one, $14 Dlvd #'d 161/285


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    Quote Originally Posted by vikingfan101 View Post
    What is it numbered out of? Thanks.
    its 229/285...i can do $14 paypal then. here's the scan....

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    Hahaha, Sorry Nick, wasnt tryin to under bid ya, no intent :)


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    haha no worries...its a dollar, i just didnt want to low ball him. theyve been going for 13-16 on ebay so i went in between.

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    They sell good, i think i just won the first Gamel bowman auto sold on ebay! $18.50, not to bad, huh


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    Nick - Ill take it for the $14, just post it and send me your paypal addy.

    Boneyard - Same thing, as long as you can do paypal, just post it and send me your addy, thanks.

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