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Thread: ud redemption?

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    ud redemption?

    having trading away most redemptions before cashing them in wondering if this is the UD addy, i think i recieved a 07/08 artifacts that was supposed to be columbus but got a ondrej pavelec (?) parallel 2/25, now at the ud site is back to wild card with no checklist?!!
    what's up with this
    thanks in advance

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    I'm not exactly sure what you're asking here - the sentence structure is pretty bad. They didn't do the best job in 07-08 managing the stock, and actually ran out of a lot of the /599 redemption rookies. To compensate collectors, they printed parallels - it is a little strange that they gave you a Pavelec instead of Kris Russell, who was the Columbus rookie.
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    Sorry, my title was going to be 'sea otter place?', but i changed it and forgot about the first line in the post. Is that why this years redemptions were bumped to 750..?
    i have a scheen and gerbe coming and would actually like to get those cards!
    thanks again

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