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Thread: Dried out and Wrinkled up

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    Dried out and Wrinkled up

    Yeah figured I might grab some attention with the title of this post...Any suggestions as to how to pass the time when trading seems to be alittle scarce...?

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    Go outside, grab a bicycle and go do a ride :)
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    buy boxes and break away!

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    Quote Originally Posted by CoolHandLuke View Post
    Go outside, grab a bicycle and go do a ride :)

    I agree with this. Gotta get out and get some rays.

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    the xbox is resting in peace at the moment...apparently 2 years into owning it and just after the warranty expired I got the "red ring of death" Xbox apparently takes them back and fixes them for $100 but I dont really have that kinda change right now for something that I do for leisure...Dude I havent done the bike thing in years....

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    if you got the 3 lights the warranty has been extended to 3 years. If you havent you should try calling them up.

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    Train UFC style bro! Thats what i'd do.
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    Dergula-- Already there man...this is my day off :) Did the martial arts thing for about the last 20 years and its amazing how in the last 2-3 of those years instead of karate studios its now MMA Training...

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    i thought this was a thread about chris chelios

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