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    Unveiling my bucket ... finally

    Howdy everyone. I've been a SCF member for quite some time, but never put together a bucket. So for the last couple weeks, I've been working on it. It contains mostly base rookie cards, but there are a lot of nice ones there.

    I'm looking for a couple things. First, I'd like everyone's opinion on my bucket, and what I can do to improve it or get more collectors interested in it.

    Also, I'd like to get my first trade. I hate seeing the (0) in my profile.

    So, basically, what I'm looking for is Bo Jackson cards and MMA cards. So, if anyone can give me a hand on this, it would be truly appreciated.



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    you can only bump your thread after 8's stated in the forum rules.

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    Let me help you get the 0 away from your these..

    LEbron James Wave of the Future card
    chase utley 2002 bowman
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    BASKETBALL: Hidden Content
    FB TRADELIST: Hidden Content !!!!
    MY WANTLIST!! Hidden Content

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