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Thread: 2 09 bowman jumbo break

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    2 09 bowman jumbo break

    heres what i got: at a combined cost of 175 i think i did awsome... thanks

    box 1( hot box although i was missing an auto)
    conor gillespie box topper base auto

    orang /500( all prospect =)
    matthew moore
    steve upchurch
    yu darvis(woo)pat mcananey

    blue /250( all prspect double wooo)
    sean connor
    pat mccannaey
    michae cisco
    yuliesky gorriul
    derrick phillips
    kyle ferrel

    blue refractor:
    auto blake tekotte

    orange ref:
    michae cisco(woo phils)

    gold ref:
    chanheo lin

    pringtin plate:
    michael stutes(woo phils)

    2nd box:
    adam morre ref auto
    jason knapp sticker auto
    parenll auto

    feliz ref
    olbruthcter blue ref
    derrick phillips ref

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    Nice box! I bought two jumbos & thought that I'd been shorted an auto. I went through the cards & the missing auto was stuck to the back of one of the veteran cards.
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    did u find any of these guys?

    -Greg Halman
    -Alex Liddi
    -Phillippe Aumont

    -Michael Pineda
    -Neftali Feliz

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    nice break, could use those phillies if your looking to move them!

    lmk thanks man


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