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    Tops Loaders and one touch cases for CC

    I have 41 one touch cases - three have marker on the top edge - two are brand new in the package - all are in good condition. They are of varying thickness.

    I also have HUNDREDS of used top loaders - but I went through and trashed any with tape, markings, yellowing or excessive sratches. So these are all in good shape - they are primarily for regular thickness.

    I don't know what the going rate is for these, but if you want to tell me how many you need and how much you can pay - I'm sure that we can work something out. I do have to ship these so keep that in mind.

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    No one needs supplies for CC???????? Not trying to make a profit here, just trying to make some deals - LMK! No deal is too small.

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    I can use the toploaders only. I can use about 200 of those, for 400 CC. LMK.
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    I would like to buy one touch cases do u have any for autographs? and do u have thick ones for patches from like hot prospcets or the cup hockey plz lmk and lmk the price of each

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    i can use 100 top loaders for 225 shipped. post the tarde if you accept. thanks

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    i can use 50 toploaders for 100 cc shipped lmk

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