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    2007 Allen & Ginter Raffle - 500 CC per pack!

    This is YET ANOTHER SCF Raffle! I'm adding a new Double Down option. SCF members only (no staff).

    I will be opening a retail box of 2007 Topps Allen & Ginter on video. You can check out eBay to see some 2007 Allen And Ginter card examples. The George Washington hair card came from this set, so there is the potential for some BIG hits.

    Each member pays 500 CC for their pack. There are 24 packs total. There is at least one hit per box (autograph, relic, printing plate or 1887 Original). If I open your pack and it contains the hit you get the hit. There is a "Double Down" option. You can pay 1,000 CC for your pack instead and if your pack contains a hit you also get all of the minis and all of the serial numbered cards that are NOT hits. This Double Down option can make you the big winner! :)

    VIP Member get their packs at 400 CC or 800 CC for the Double Down option.

    If the hit winners do NOT use the double down option, then I will also use to pick one winner who will receive all the mini cards. I will also pick another number and that member will get all the short print cards that are NOT a mini and/or a hit (if there is no Double Down winner). So, after all the hits and minis are removed that member will get all the numbered cards. That should give us at least three winners with the potential for more hits unless the hits are double down members. :)

    In Summary, the winners will get:

    • The hit if your pack contains one (hits are autos, relics, printing plates, or the 1887 originals). There will be at least one hit per box with the potential for more!
    • If you Double Down then the hit winners also get the minis and the serial numbered cards. If there are more than one Double Down winners then I will split the cards between them.
    • If there are no Double Down winners then two more members will win the minis and the serial numbered cards that are NOT hits.

    You MUST post the pack you want and pay me the Card Cash immediately or risk losing your spot.

    PACK 1: Captngeetch - paid
    PACK 2: Allanon - paid
    PACK 3: asiangrl4u2 - paid
    PACK 4: pantera04 - paid
    PACK 5: nebboy - paid
    PACK 6: Jesse011 - paid
    PACK 7: mattdile3 - paid
    PACK 8: tennisdevils - paid
    PACK 9: sportyryan101 - paid
    PACK 10: sportyryan101 - paid
    PACK 11: nebboy - paid
    PACK 12: TysonX504 - paid
    PACK 13: asiangrl4u2 - paid
    PACK 14: pantera04 - paid
    PACK 15: Jesse011 - paid
    PACK 16: Allanon - paid
    PACK 17: Captngeetch - paid
    PACK 18: asiangrl4u2 - paid
    PACK 19: nebboy - paid
    PACK 20: pantera04 - paid
    PACK 21: TysonX504 - paid
    PACK 22: Topps A+G - paid
    PACK 23: indyreds - paid
    PACK 24: indyreds - paid
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  2. Kronozio
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    WOW, way to go Mike! Wish I was into baseball, GL to everyone!

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    Do you know of a LCS not on this list, if so post Hidden Content and let us know about them!

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    Wish I had the CC to participate. How exactly do you get CC on here ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by FlyersFan View Post
    Wish I had the CC to participate. How exactly do you get CC on here ?
    This should help
    If you have unwanted cards you are looking to purge, please consider a donation to my family's mission in helping to find a cure for Olivia's disorder Diamond Blackfan Anemia. Cards donated will be sold on eBay, COMC or locally in the Buffalo/Niagara area to support the Hidden Content .
    Shipping done on Saturdays for all Addresses
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    #3,#13,#18 Pls

    Sending CC
    Sorry I Don't reply Every Day......
    Here is my bucket link
    Hidden Content
    Ovechkin, Nice RCs, HOF Autos.

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    Can I triple down and get the hit even if it isn't in my pack?

    J/K of course, I'll go for #'s 6 and 15. Do I pay the SCFRaffle name or yours Mike?

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    Do I pay the SCFRaffle name or yours Mike?
    Either one.

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