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Thread: What the... Is this allowed?

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    What the... Is this allowed?

    I was recently bidding on this auction that is now been canceled by the seller.

    It was ending today and I was the highest bidder at $18. I was supposed to end sometime tonite so I logged in to ebay to check if i was still the high bidder, I had my max bid somewhere in the high $20s. The auction wasn't in my bidding list so i searched through completed auctions and found it ended early.. I can't believe you can just end an auction because it wasn't selling for the price you hoped for even though you put a 99 cent starting bid on it... thats total crap..

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    you can do it, before 24 hours at the end of the auction, I think. But this is funny, because the last day is the time, when the bids are coming. Sometimes it happens.

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    Sometimes items are available locally as well..I know I've ended auctions because I have sold the item locally...of course I state that in the auction..but I've had my fair share of "OMG did I just loose on that one" auctions as well

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    Yeah that happens. Often times people will contact the seller via PM and make an arrangement if it's a PC item that they really want. I've done it a few times to ensure that they accept my best offer, but I've never had them end one early for me.
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    technically the card still belongs to the seller , so he can do whatever he wants with it

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    I feel ya, I HATE it when this happens. If its bc it legitamatly sells locally fine but a lot of times its bc the seller doesnt like how much its at.

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    yeah im pretty sure he expected more for it since it was under $20 with like a day to go and his BIN was $700..

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    did you get in touch with him yet? might be worth it to maybe find out why?

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    It's 100% allowed, people do it all the time. For PC items I REALLY want, I've sent messages to sellers asking them to do that: I'll send you 'X' dollars through paypal for the item.

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    if you guys bought a card lets say even for $100 , will you sell it as low as $20 ? i dont think so . but what i dont understand if thats his case, why didnt he set a reserve price if he wants it to be sold on a certain amount. in this case it could just be an offline deal or basically card got sold somewhere else

    yup its nice to see that you have a fair chance of winning that card for the amount you bid but always remember that the most sought after cards , actual bidding starts 1 minute before the item ends because of SNIPERS

    i always loose most of the time on the stretch approximately the last 30 seconds before item ends and it sucks to loose that way

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