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Thread: Lump in Neck

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    Lump in Neck

    I had a lump on my neck for the last 6 months, that started small and grew to a little bigger than marble size, it would get smaller then bigger. Doctor thought it was a cyst and went to remove it yesterday, and once he cut me open found out its not a cyst. It will be sent for testing and i should have the results some time next week.

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    that sucks, goodluck with the results
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    Sorry to hear - hope it's something not serious.

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    Hope it's good're in my prayers.

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    THis happened to one of my friends. It turned out his lymph nodes were inflammed and swollen. Upon further testing it turned out to be apendicitis (sp). Hope you dont have that, surgery required. :(

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    Hope it is nothing serious.
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