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    08'09 UD Black Russell Westbrook Auto/Jersey/Rc

    Hey guys, just broke a box and this was one of the cards i got. It is up for trade. Details:

    08'09 Russell Westbrook Auto Jersey Rookie 66/99

    I am looking for any of the following in return that strike my liking:

    Dwyane Wade Auto
    Lebron rookies (not low end)
    CP3 Auto
    Magic Johnson Auto
    HIGH END Rajon Rondo Auto
    or anything else of my liking


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    Interested in any of these:
    08 SPA Patch Autos /999 of Jamaal Charles, Eddie Royal, Jordy Nelson, Malcolm Kelly
    08 Triple Threads Steve Slaton JSY Auto /75
    08 Bowman Chrome Mike Moustakas Auto
    08 DEEE Kyle Weiland Aspirations Auto /50 (Red Sox Prospect)

    Not what you said you're looking for, so I thought I'd put a short list together so you didn't have to look through a bunch of junk in my bucket. If you like any of that for the Westbrook, just PM me. If not, no worries.

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    i like the slaton, moustakas, royal and charles

    can you do those four for the westbrook and a philip rivers 04 fleer sweet sigs auto rookie /175

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    Do you have a bucket I could look at? I'm not a big Rivers fan, but I'd take a look at it first before I decide.

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    sry man my darn digital camera is broken. can i link a card from ebay thats the same lookin one? ill also throw in a pat ewing jr hot prospects letterman auto rc

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    Yeah, that'd be fine, I just want to see what it looks like. Also, do you have any other mid-end stuff available?

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    07 UD Black Chad Cordero Auto Quad Patch SEVEN TOTAL COLORS 23/75
    07 Ultimate Collection Jonathan Papelbon Ultimate Star Auto Jersey 12/15


    04 Fleer Philip Rivers Sweet Sigs Auto 025/175
    08 UD Premier Kellen Winslow Sr/Fred Davis Dual Auto 34/50


    08'09 Jonathan Ericcson Future Watch Auto Rookie 192/999
    08'09 BAP Derick Brassard Auto
    08'09 BAP Markus Nasland Auto
    08'09 BAP Rob Blake Auto
    08'09 BAP Brian Lee Auto
    08'09 BAP Derick brassard Rookie 78/99
    08'09 BAP TJ Oshie Rookie Jersey 033/299
    05'06 BAP Marian Hossa/Wade Redden Dual Auto
    05'06 UD Ice Patrick Eaves Ice Premiers Rookie 2618/2999
    08'09 Sp Authentic SP Notables Jarome Iginla 012/999 (12 is his Jersey #)


    08'09 UD Black Russell Westbrook Auto Jersey Rookie 66/99
    08'09 Hot Prospects Javale McGee Auto THREE COLOR Patch rookie 036/399
    04'05 Skybox EXL Court Authentics Rookie Jersey 481/500
    07'08 Ultimate Collection Dwight Howard/Horace Grant Match Ups Jerseys 29/99
    06'07 EX Louis Williams Clearly Authentic Auto
    06'07 Spx Kyle Lowry Auto Jersey Rookie 1183/1199

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