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Thread: Prospect Autos + GU FT!!!

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    Prospect Autos + GU FT!!!

    I'm looking to trade these for: Anthony Randolph, Monta Ellis, Andris Biedrins, Tim Lincecum, Buster Posey, Michael Crabtree, or Patrick Willis. Will also sell.

    Here's what I have FT:

    Fred Lewis 07 UD Premier RC 1/1 Printing Plate
    Fred Lewis 02 Bowman Draft Chrome BGS 9.5
    Fred Lewis 02 Bowman Draft Chrome PSA 10
    Fred Lewis 02 UD Prospect Premieres BGS 9.5


    Nick Noonan 07 BDPP Chrome Auto
    Wendell Fairley 08 Bowman Chrome Auto (x2)
    Fred Lewis 07 Finest RC Auto Refractor 1/399
    Fred Lewis 07 Topps Chrome RC Auto


    Dan Johnson 09 Topps Heritage GU


    Seth Garrison 09 Bowman Chrome Refractor /599
    Edilio Colina 08 Donruss Threads Parallel /100
    Devon Lowery 09 APOH RC
    Jason Pridie 09 APOH RC
    Jose Mijares 09 APOH RC (x2)

    09 Bowman Chrome Prospects:

    Julio Teheran
    Michael Almanzar
    Samuel Freeman
    Tyler Yockey
    Wilbur Bucardo
    Bret Oberholtzer
    Derrick Phillips
    Justin Arasmus (WBC)
    Fu-Te Ni (WBC)

    Let me know, thanks.
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    saw you had some bc stuff have any x or blue refarctors??

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