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Thread: One Last Time-Dont Miss Out

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    One Last Time-Dont Miss Out

    Tradings Been Very Tough And Im Thinking Of Leaving The Hobby, Yet I Can Use Some Trades Before I Do. Mainly Need Autos Of Jordan,Lebron,Kobe,Ali, And Walter Payton. Heres What I Have, And The Values On Them! Thanks In Advance-Thunda99

    2007 Topps Performance Adrian Peterson Rookie Auto 25/99-Bv 200

    2006 Topps Triple Threads Dan Marino Auto Triple G/U #/18-Bv 300

    2007 Ud Premier Rare Remnants Quad Joe Theisman/Steve Young/Emmit Smith/Marshall Faulk Quad G/U 3/25-Bv 80

    2007 Flair Showcase Peyton Manning Auto-Bv 80

    2007 National Treasures Brett Favre/John Elway/Michael Irvin Triple Patch #/25-Bv 80


    2005 Donurss Signature Series Cal Ripken Jr. Auto- Bv 100

    2006 Topps Triple Threads Triple Auto Combos David Wright/Wade Boggs/Morgan Ensberg 16/18-Bv 120

    2007 Sweet Spot Classic Mike Scmidt/Frank Robinson Dual Ball Auto #/15- Last One Sold 100, So In That Range

    2008 Donruss Threads Willie Mays Gold Parrellel Auto 33/50-Bv 150

    2002 SP Legendary Cuts Joe Dimaggio Cut Signature 91/103-Bv 500

    2008 UD Heroes Joe Dimaggio/Derek Jeter/Yogi Berra/Reggie Jackson Quad G/U #/50, all W/Pinstripes Cept Dimaggio- Not Sure

    2005 Sweet Spot Classic Joe Dimaggio G/U-Not Sure

    2007 Sweet Spot Classic Joe Dimaggio G/U W/Pinstripe-Not Sure

    2008 Razor Cut Signature Edition Encore Linda Ronstadt Cut Auto-Not Sure

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