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    What is this card? Help Please.

    Have a 2003 Score Card of Jeff Garcia. Front is just like the regular base card #235, but the back says 3 of 5. Is this some sort of promo card?

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    03 Score Atlantic City National Promo #235 with a print run of 5
    here's a link to the mag site with the info

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    Thanks for your help, but I don't think that is the card. The Description of that card is:
    Randomly distributed to visitors at Donruss' booth during the 2003 National Sports Collector's Convention in Atlantic City. Each card is serial numbered to 5 and was stamped with the show logo in silver foil.

    This one has no logo I can find. Here is a picture:

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    The 3 of 5 just means that there are 5 cards in that particular set. I hope that helps. If you need more explanation, feel free to ask.


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