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    Robin Yount HOF Card _ Pre-printed?

    Hey SCF.

    My friend and I took a quick TTM shot at getting Robin Yount c/o ST because a local web article explained he joined the team bench for their last week of ST games.
    So we thought we had a ST TTM *Window of Opportunity*, but alas my efforts produced a unsigned returned with HOF Card included today - Monday, 5/26/09.

    I have yet to get home to see the HOF Card for myself, but, from what you guys have seen, are these Yount HOF Card returns AP and/or PrePrints?


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    I have never tried him TTM, but on other sites, people have mentioned about Yount having a PP sig on the cards

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    Pre-Print city!
    At least he responds and sends back the cards; though I wouldn't have missed an '89 Topps + Donruss - Ha!

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    got that same postcard in today, its most definitely pre printed along with the signature in the apology note

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    It soulds like a broken record, but I also have been told he send a PP on a HOF card. Sorry to send along same poor news on that one!
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