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Thread: SCF Survivor Segment 3 Race 3

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    SCF Survivor Segment 3 Race 3


    Here are the basic rules:
    1. Pick a driver that you think will finish in the top 10.
    2. You may pick the same driver only ONCE per segment. So choose carefully. If you use the same driver twice, you are eliminated.
    3. If the driver you pick finishes outside the top 10, you are eliminated.
    4. The top five finishers receive points toward the season championship. Five points for first, four points for second, and so on.
    5. The people who 'survive' this week will advance to the next race. Those eliminated will have to wait for the next segment to start in order to play again.

    PRIZE: 2009 Press Pass Element Element of the Race Dale Earnhardt Jr. Yellow Flag (01/99)

    Picks MUST be replied to this thread (do not PM me your pick) before the drop of the green flag.

    Autism Speaks 400 Presented by Heluva Good! Sour Cream Dips & Cheese
    Dover International Speedway
    May 31 - 1:30pm EST - Fox

    cravenfan - Greg Biffle
    ajwest92 - Jimmie Johnson

  2. SCC - Feb 2018
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    Scott and Pete,

    I would like to make this proposition to both of you...

    Last year, when i was H-2-H in the survivor segments, I offered to make the next race a "better finish" race where whoever picks the higher finishing driver gets the five points and the prize. I didn't win any prizes (except for the big one at the end) but it kept everyone knowing that there will be a NEW round starting next week.

    I would like to propose the same format for this week's contest...with your permission, of course.

    LMK, Alex
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    I haven't heard from Scott, but I don't want to forget my pick, so...

    Jimmie Johnson for Dover...

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    Hey Alex,

    Better finish sounds good to me! I'll take Greg Biffle. Best of luck!

    - Scott

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    Congrats Alex - glad to see it go to a Junior fan! Boy was it close though!

    - Scott

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    I got the news when the Mrs. called me when JJ won...shoot, i get a discount off my next purchase at the local NASCAR shop for picking Jimmie this week.

    Even though I won the yearlong contest last year, I did it without winning a single segment. To win a segment this year, especially since that I was shut out the last two segments, is a huge boost in the morale department for me. With all the problems we've been having this year (and the changes we had to take in response to these problems) this hasn't been a good year than in years' past. Hopefully this is a sign of upcoming good fortune for us at the ajwest92 household.

    Thanks for the will be sent with my addy.

    On to Pocono!!!

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