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    Wttf ufc

    I am looking to trade for UFC cards--auto,relic, insert and base. My bucket only has baseball cards but I have quite bit of unscanned hockey as well. I am especially interested in Rich Franklin but am looking for just about anything to start a collection.

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    I can let you know what I have for trade and let you know, some inserts and base, I would be interested any of the Rays stuff in your bucket you would be willing to trade.

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    I've got a full set of base cards and a box if you're interested in buying it off me.

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    SabaX--I have a pretty big collection of Rick Nash autos and GU. Other than that it is a random assortment og GU, autos, RC, inserts and base.

    Souperman--pm coming your way.

    Orion--sorry, only looking to trade at the moment.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SabaX View Post
    what years of hockey do you have
    It's a big mix, but it is almost all post-2000.

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    I have a couple of want lists on my bucket front page and also looking for ITG Franchises. LMK if you have any. Thanks

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