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    Question Was this a good high-end trade?

    Ive edited this post because the thread was from 2 YEARS AGO

    Some idiot was trying to pad their post count and upped it.
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    what are the book values for all those?

    boy, I sure hope you don't get ripped off doing that trade, b/c you gave away a few GREAT cards

    I am moving this thread over to the Discussion section trading

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    if you really like the card and it is going in your personal collection you made a good deal but i would have had the other ones in my personal collection and wouldnt have traded them... but thats just me...

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    no, i have the was with a dealer at a show today
    the values are listed next to them

    corys- i agree with you in a way...i really didnt want to let go of any of my autos, but the ones i let him have will be easy to get back...they only sell for $20 a piece....the ones he wanted sell for like 30-75....

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    podstock- by the way thanx for moving it, after i posted it i realized it was in the wrong place, sry. :(

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    If you do not have a players auto rc, all other auto cards are the same regardless of serial numbering. You simply got a Garnett Auto and gave up 3 others cards to get it. I liked what you had, but it all comes down to you being satisfied.
    Good Luck.
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    I think it would have been more even if you had only traded 3 of the 4 cards for the KG auto. Just my opinion though.

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    i think it was a good trade, simply for the fact that only 10 f hose cards exist, and lmk tell you Ive tried to pull some of those heroes of basketball auto's, w/ absolutely no luck, good trade.

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