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Thread: Birthday Box 08 Speedway!

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    Birthday Box 08 Speedway!

    My birthday was Wednesday and today i did my birthday box Not a Bad box at all, Got 3 hits and a Bobby Labonte #'d 36/50, haven't checked how i did on the base set or any of that just the goods, i would definately try this stuff again. That Kenseth kinda surprised me i saw the numbering and i was like, oh a plain shirt, and then I saw the piece and was like wow, I was Hoping the Top Prospect would be Landon Cassill but oh well. All is FT for Cassill or FS

  2. Allgood (eBay Store)
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    That is a peally good box!! If you are looking for Cassill, I have a Top Prospects Glove of his in my bucket. LMK


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