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    unexpected auto

    gotta love when you go somewhere and u find an athlete there that u were not expecting.

    today i went to the mall and in the store Lids(hat store) the Hornets player Julian Wright was in there shopping around. (very nice guy)

    and he gladly was signing autos for anyone that asked

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    Quote Originally Posted by duhon21 View Post
    Was this in Chicago?
    Orland Mall if u know where it is.

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    Oh, ok. Makes sense as he is from the Chicago area. That's cool you met him.

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    I got Eric Allen (eagles CB) like that one time in Reading, PA. I ran to get a hat or something and caught up with him and family. Dont worry, I was very polite and nobody else really noticed him


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    Those are the best when unexpected, congrats.
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