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    PS3: My thoughts on UFC undisputed....

    ok. let me just be very clear about this..

    this video game is EPIC. a MUST HAVE....

    i played it with friends tonight and it was VERY intense...
    if you have a ps3 & like fighting or intense games then yes, buy this!!!

    i was DOMINATING with sherk or tito ortiz. didnt matter.

    anyways, amazing game. brutal knockouts .

    a must have!!!

    anyone else like it?

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    yeah I played it with some friends friday night, I would buy it but my xbox broke :/

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    360 is better. still need to get the game. have the demo. its aweeeeeeeesome! but yeh need the actual game haha

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    im going to walmart in a min. with my girlfriend to get the game.


    i have a 42 Inch Viziooooo

    im so excited. haha

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    bought the game. it's epic...

    anyone on here have it???


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    I just picked this up from Target, they were having a buy 2 ps3 games get one free deal. Havent played it yet, looking forward to it. Wish I had internet access here to play online.

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    your probably going to love this game. it's pretty fun.

    post back here after you play it and lmk what ya thought

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    I bought it like 4 days ago, and my brother scratched the disc :( but it still works lol

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    I want this for 360 but I don't want to spend $55 or $60 on it.
    I guess I'll wait for it to go down in price.

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    would LOVE to batttttlllleeeeeee.........................


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