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Thread: Help Needed!!

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    Help Needed!!

    Well i pulled this card out of a pack over 10 years ago it is a Bobby Phills Gold card from the 1994 Nba Hoops Series of cards. Bobby Phils has since passed away and what makes this Card Unique is the fact that the Gold Stamping on the card is Upside down like it has gone through the Press or Printer the wrong way up!! You use to get 1 Gold card per pack and this was one that surprised me when i saw it and i was like What the **** the Gold is Upside down!!!

    Any help Appreciated with regards to its Value as i have been Unable through Various sources to get an accurate price for it. I was offered $100 for the Card when i first got it but i turned it down as i wasnt sure what it was worth back then ( I still dont know today actually! )

    Any thoughts and Opinions Greatly Appreciated. Sorry for the Poor Quality Pic but the Card is in Excellent Condition and you can see the Mistake with the Gold Print.

    Pic Here of Card.

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    doubt its worth anything more than its BV ($1 or so) shoulda taken the $100 a run at the time

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