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    Smith For Smith - My J.R. For Your Josh

    Hey everyone...Have a couple of J.R. Smith autos I recently picked up in trade. Looking for Josh Smith or Michael Finley. Let me know!

    2004-2005 Topps Pristine Personal Endorsements J.R. Smith
    2004-2005 Ultra Season Crowns Silver J.R. Smith /99

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    I will trade you the SPA J.Smith rc auto for either one of those.

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    cmb i have a couple of jersey cards for trade or sale lmk
    thanx mate

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    GREAZ - The Pristine books $40 and the Ultra books $50. I could do the Pristine straight across for the SPA which also books $40, or the Ultra and something else for the SPA and Pristine Josh Smith. Let me know!

    LVN- I can't do either of the J.R. Smith cards for the jerseys and I can't buy, but I am interested in all of the Josh Smith jerseys besides Reflections. LMK!

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    still interested in the Josh Smith jersey cards i have for trade/sale lmk
    cheers mate

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