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    What does Dwight Howard normally sell for?

    Because right now his prices seem REALLY inflated which im pretty sure is due to him being in the Finals. What does his autos and GU's normally sell for? Also if he wins a championship will his prices still drop during the off season? or will they stay up? any input appreciated. thanx

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    I had his SPX Endorsements auto from 07-08 I think and it booked like 25 or 30 and sold for like 20-25. Now I have his SP Authentic rc/auto which sells for around $100-$125.

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    Everything is going too high for me! I wont buy anymore till the off season.. some of his RCs you could get for $3-10 are now all going for $10+ (I got my chrome rc for $3 theres one on the bay ending soon at $8.50 and his black diamond was around $6-10ish is at $16 on the bay atm)

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    Well, he wont win a championship so no need to worry about that part. lol

    All basketball cards sell for less in the offseason.

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    Basketball seems to inflate big time in the playoffs, but go down to a ridiculous level in the off-season.

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    being a pretty big fan of dwight and having a decent collection of the fella, i dont care what hes selling for, if i like it, ill buy it!! lol

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    Well not all of us can spend money when we want lol. I wish i could though :)

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