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Thread: 2 boxes razor letterman

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    2 boxes razor letterman


    BOX 1

    pack 1 joshua fields seattle white f red background jf-f

    pack 2 zach putnam cleveland white p red background zp-p

    pack 3 eric hosmer kansas city white s red background eh-s

    pack 4 derrik gibson detroit red I blue outline white background dg-I numbered 07/20

    pack 5 dan hudson chicago a white d red background dah-d

    box 2

    pack 1

    ryan westmoreland boston white e red background ryw-e2

    pack 2

    jeremy beckham tampa bay red k with blue outline white background jeb-k numbered 10/20

    pack 3

    bobby lanigan minnesota white n red background bol-n1

    pack 4

    casper wells detroit white l red background cw-l1

    pack 5

    juan carlos sulbaran cincinnati white a blue background jcs-a1

    Not a bad deal got both boxes for 99.98 from blowout and shipping was lightning fast,Now is where you guys come in I'm not much of a prospector so you guys can let me know if I pulled anything decent.Thanks in advance Steve

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    Nice stuff! I'm pretty sure that Westmoreland is a good pull.

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    Wow - that was fast!

    No clue on prospects either, but they seem like nice cards.

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    Thanks Ryan and Andrew,Was doing a quick search on ebay and the beckham numbered to 20 seems like the pull of these 2 boxes,Only saw 1 with a bin of 75.00 so it must be decent.Take care Steve. Also if any of these guys stink at least I've got a free magnetic holder
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    I'd be interested in the Juan Carlos Sulbaran if your tradeing. Thanks!

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    Flyersfan it's for trade I collect yankees,Thanks Steve

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    Thanks TheRoseBull,I like the fact each card comes in a holder,I hate the fact there's only 1 card per pack makes for a fast break.Take care Steve

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    Quote Originally Posted by spuds1961 View Post
    Flyersfan it's for trade I collect yankees,Thanks Steve
    I think the only thing Yankees I have in my bucket is a Phillips Hughes Goudey GU and then I have some other minor inserts not scanned.

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