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Thread: 2008 UD SPx Baseball

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    2008 UD SPx Baseball

    Decided to try this product out, a lot of rookie/young star autos. But I did get a Griff 1/1!!!!
    Here are the scans of all the hits. All are for trade/sale except the Hanley and the Griffey. I might give up the Griffey, but you better give me a great deal, lol.
    Here's the bucket.

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    Thats a lame 1 of 1... its like the topps moments and milestones

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    Quote Originally Posted by gladdyontherise View Post
    Nice 1/1!
    Haha, thanks. It's not the best looking 1/1, but it's the first one I've ever pulled from a pack/box so I was pretty excited.

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