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    05-06 Topps Luxury Box Machine Allen Iverson Auto/224

    I am trading this Iverson Auto BV $120 Looking to swap for one i don't have or an auto of the following:


    other HIGH END AUTOS


  2. SCC - Feb 2018
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    mufinman- on your incoming stuff i like both D.Howards, the Pierce the Melo auto Patch and out of the HTG i like the Wade, Durant, Carlos Beltran DUal and the Thornton Letterman lmk bvs we can go from there

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    The Beltran/Cabrera Dual books 150 but Ill trade it straight up for the AI Auto...thats $30 BV in your favor. Id want to see a scan first though. LMK thanks.

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    well i would like to try for the others over the beltran . whats the BVS on yours?

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    The Incomings are all NFT, and the Durant Triple is 120, but Im only looking to sell it. Wade is NFT, and Thornton doesnt book. The Beltran is /25 BV 150 man its in your favor...That for AI? Please Ive always wanted an AI.

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    well durant and ai both book the same! i could do that. this ai sells for in the $50's if not higher i bought for $55 and $62

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    You cant do the Beltran Dual for it though? Thats a better card honestly it sells 60, its /25 and it books higher, i just dont do baseball.

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    i don't do baseball much either.. i like the durant more. and the incomings aren't ft?

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    No the Incomings are nft. And the durant is only for sale sorry. My offer is the Beltran/Cabrera /25. LMK.

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